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Author Topic: Our Labs and their first "real" show  (Read 6850 times)

Tom Herr

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Re: Our Labs and their first "real" show
« Reply #10 on: July 12, 2004, 04:23:52 pm »


To answer your stacking question. Stack them 850's up.  Stack em 4 high on each labhorn if you like, it won't hurt a thing.  They were built to take it.

However I wouldn't drive over them. You would most likely lose your exhaust system when the front tires drop down the other side and you bottom out. Box warranty does not cover exhaust systems.  Laughing  

Tom Herr
Tom Herr
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jeffhtg (Jeff Kenney)

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Re: Our Labs and their first "real" show
« Reply #11 on: December 21, 2004, 02:32:10 pm »

I have done many high profile hip hop shows.. Wait i shouldnt say hip-hop this is florida and its dirty south. Basically alot of bass - 2-8 of the entourage screaming what what on the mic and the track.

for a 48x24 stage I will use a pair of sb1000's and a kf850 per side for a fill. Always double the wedges - and use 15's if you can find them. Djs need big heavy 15's too - ill use a eaw fr box, jbl sr, or something along that line with a sb1000 per side. It seems like overkill but I *NEVER* get a complaint from these homies.

Most of these types of shows are outside block parties or open air field.. FOH normally 6 850 with a pair of 695 or 750 to handle center/"downfill" 8 dual 18's per side and some earthquakes or sb1000's down the center.

sometimes you shoot yourself in the foot with these type of parties.. they can get down right ignorant and obnoxious around here. To me its not worth the hassels whether its in budget or not - I bring it so *I* dont have to deal with the drama 'yo yo whatsup with the soundman'


Too Tall (Curtis H. List)

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Re: Our Labs and their first "real" show
« Reply #12 on: December 22, 2004, 10:06:03 am »

Elliot Thompson wrote on Thu, 08 July 2004 15:03

The idea of using Dual Eighteens on the stage,
would be great solution.

Considering many of us will have them not in use once
we start using the Labs.

Thanks again.

Best Regards,

Once you start mixing front load with LAB horns or move the LAB horns 15' to 20' upstage we have to start planing how to set the delay up.
   If you put the LAB subs upstage like Mark suggested you have to add even more delay to the full-range FOH and monitor wedges. The delay for the singer could get real long.

Too Tall
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