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more opinions about power amp selection


brad smith:
Repeating this topic from the old forums and hoping for more replies from you guys on what you'd do. I only got one reply from the older forum. The suggestion was to use a 2502 per cab (tops and bottoms) What do you guys suggest????

Here's my rig

I've added two more stacks of JBL srx (4733/4719) to my rig and would like some opinions on power amp choices. Would love to sell everything and go with Itech but that's not going to happen because of $$$. Always use venue power and I don't use a distro and probably never will so that's out of the question.

Currently using 1 QSC PLX 3602 for my tops in stereo and bridging 2 QSC PLX 2502 into each sub (1 per sub). Also am using DBX 260 for processing. This is how i run 1 stack per side.

Would it be better to get another 3602 for my 2nd set of tops and get 2 rmx 4050's for each sub and run them in stereo instead of puchasing 2 more 2502's and end up having to bridge 4 amps for all of my subs? (2 3602's for 4 tops and 2 4050's for my 4 subs)

I really don't want to lose any bottom end by switching over and I've heard good things about the 4050's.

Most of my gigs I only run 1 stack per side but I'd like to start using 2 stacks per side especially outdoors.


Tim McCulloch:
There is an extensive thread in the Lounge/FUDforums where we hashed out a similar circumstance for a user who needed amps that made efficient use of wall power (hint- go find it).  The "B-Stock/Re-certified" I-Tech won for price, output, efficiency.  The I-Tech 8000 will replace 2 rmx 4050, weigh 27# instead of 136# and use less electricity hitting full output.  Oh, and you can get one for <$2000; the ebay today price for the 4050 is $1399... and you need 2 of them.

If you really like the PLX3602 for your tops, get another one.  Sell the 2502s and use the proceeds toward whatever sub amp(s) you buy.

Have fun, good luck.


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