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Author Topic: How To Hook It Up  (Read 3251 times)

Mike McNany

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Re: How To Hook It Up
« Reply #10 on: November 21, 2004, 05:32:11 pm »

Apparently I brainfarted and thought 1/5 when it should have be 1/8th power ;>(  Hate when that happens.

Lessee, You put the QSC and the Crown in a rack together and they want 9 + 7.1 amps before you start distorting. 16.1 amperes and your power conditioner is likely a 15ampere rated unit. Will it work? Likely. Could you pop the unit's circuit breaker? Easily if you start pushing the volume. And that's without the other 2 power amps that you're guessing roughly match up to a 12 ampere load. My point is IF you plug all of the power amps into one 15 ampere rated power conditioner and start pushing the volume much, expect the CB to trip. It MAY not, just be ready for it and don't assume a major problem if it does. Just reroute AC power direct to the bigger power amps.

As you get more power amps and stronger power amps you have to be aware of the source power needed. Not exact, just ballpark, so you know what to do if problems arise. Small PA's often just get plugged into whatever outlets are available. You have no idea which plugs are all ganged together, how long the supply cables are, or the size of the panel circuit breaker supplying those outlets (30, 20, 15 ampere?). Too much draw, if the breaker doesn't trip somewhere and/or excessive "in the wall" cable lengths can cause voltage drops to your gear and it starts acting funny, like loss of volume output.

Mike McNany
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