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Cub Estate Boston


Brian Larson:
I've got a gig coming up at the Estate club in Boston. Anyone know this place? When I called they said they have 100 watt camlocks but they didnt know if they had two regular outlets available. ::)

Any bad experiences at this place?

Bob Leonard:
The Estate Club is one of the better clubs you'll find in Boston and a class establishment voted best of Boston 2009. I have not worked the club myself as it caters to DJs and a well healed party crowd. The rooms are all large and many have plenty of marble, glass, etc.. The main room has a nice stage. I have never heard of any problems at the club and there are few problems as the club caters to high end patrons and has a first class reputation.
Be aware of parking bans and load in issues with the snow downtown. Be aspecially aware that you WILL be towed if you are not parked in a legal spot. Use a 24 hour garage. I would allow plenty of extra time to load in and out. I would also suggest nothing less for attire than business casual, Dockers and a shirt with a collar.
Also be aware that it has been said a blind man could find a good looking date at the place, so you might want to bring a camara, but check to see if it's OK to use it first. There are also private party rooms.  :)
You didn't say what the act was, but regardless I don't have much more for you. Have a good time.


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