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Speakon Cables


Luther Fairley:
Somebody explain to me should i get 4 conductor speaker wire or 2 in running a qsc rmx 4050 on 2000 watts subs in bridge mode dont know which ones to buy???????

Thomas Lamb:
You only need two conductor. However there can be many advantages to four conductor. Mainly in future convenience and standardization. If you go four conductor you can always use the other pair to daisy chain two subs together using the second pair from a separate amp. Or if you have tops and subs on each side use pair 1 for subs with a short crossover cable (unless your tops are switchable) then use pair two for the tops. With what you are doing you do not NEED it but may or may not in the future. I am trying to go to all 4 pair in my rigs. However, it is a slow process because I own so much two pair.

Luther Fairley:


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