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Author Topic: Plasma Display Question?  (Read 1963 times)

Todd Richardson

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Plasma Display Question?
« on: September 12, 2004, 06:36:56 pm »

Sold a customer a Panasonic Plasma MONITOR.
Sales guy said Just use a vcr as the tuner, OOPS!!
The display has no F-connector. The DVD VCR combo has S-video out, but it is only for the dvd. I can not find an affordable way to get the vcr to the monitor. Any component that will let me run both into it , and make one out put that is s-video?



Karl P(eterson)

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Re: Plasma Display Question?
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2004, 08:59:13 pm »

Those are called scallers and generally cost in the order of a few thousand. Doesn't the monitor have composite input(s) as well as SVideo (and Component and RGBHV)? If so you should be able to take the DVD on the SVideo and VCR on the composite. If not you can get an SVHS deck that will have an SVideo output and then a DVD player and use another SVideo (or component, if it only has one SVideo).

In residential installs, we have used a Pinoeer 49-TX (top of the line reciever - rivals seperates) for the surround sound applications and it has a built in automatic format conversion that will take any incoming signal (Composite, SVideo, Component) and scale them all to an outgoing full bandwith Component - nifty stuff says I.

Karl P
TeamLeader.Technical Systems - CCH
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