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Ivan Beaver:

--- Quote from: jason misterka on February 13, 2011, 07:20:53 AM ---All the pawn shops around here now use ebay as a guide.  There are no more great deals.  Sometimes a good deal (if it works) but no great deals...

--- End quote ---
The reason I got the CS800 so cheap was that they said it was "broken".  I asked what was wrong with it and they said it didn't have a very loud output.  I asked them to show me, and they proceeded to plug a mic into the XLR jack in the back and a loudspeaker to the output.

Of course there was almost no output!  So I bought it and it worked fine for many years until I sold it.

I have seen several cases where people expect to plug a mic into the input of a power amp and expect it to put out full power.  One case was where I guy got really mad because he said I did not know how to fix amps to "work properly".  You can't fix stupid!


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