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Author Topic: Soundcraft LX7ii  (Read 4040 times)

Tom Reid

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Soundcraft LX7ii
« on: July 29, 2004, 09:45:32 am »

Well, I've been with my new board for a couple of months now.  I haven't seen much info out on the web about the new series, so I thought I'd give ya'll my initial impressions.

Let me start by saying I never had an LX7, so I can't compare the new one to the old and tell you the improvements.  I have rented and ran a myriad of other boards on ym rig including a GL2200, Mackies, Peavy, and my mothballed old pre CBS SUN.

Lets start off with the rants.

1.  Could it have been a problem to put a damn light connector on the board?  No littlelite plug.
2.  It would have been nice if the stereo returns could talk to all the busses.  As it is, stereo 1 only talks to main, sub 1 & 2, auxes 1,2,3,4.  Stereo 2 talks to main, sub 3 & 4, auxes 1,2,3,4.  I use the returns for CD players, and get my test tones there, been nice if I could tones out the busses from one input.
3.  Power connector is located directly beneath all of the output patches.  When the board is loaded with L,R,C, aux 1-6 jacks the weight of the cords lay on top of the power cord plug.
4.  No phase switch on channels

What I like.

1. It's blue.
2. Colorful knobs.  Much easier to grab an eq with the color coding.
3. The console angle is much more raked then say a Mackie 32.4, but only about 1" taller.
4. The preamps have much more gain than anything I've used, and they are very ...very clean.
5. 100mm faders are very smooth, but offer the resistance that makes the console feel pro.
6. + and - power supply indicators.
7. Phantom switchable in banks of 4.
8. Center assign per channel, frees up aux that is used on subs.
9. EQ per channel is amazing.  Overlap on the dual mid sweeps, high and low shelves are placed musically, not technically.

24 channel version weighs in at 50 pounds.  Back panel is logically marked, everything feels rugged on the patch bay.  Board itself feels very firm, no bending when leaning on it.  Side panels and newer graphics make it a sharp looking console.
I'm happy with the purchase, it's a great sounding mid priced board.  Anxiously waiting for case manufacturers to catch up and get me a road case.

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