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Entry Level DMX Controller


Chris Hunt:
Hey guys!

We are upgrading our light show during the next few months and want your opinions on an entry level dmx controller that will work for our setup.  We are a corp band primarly doing weddings, corp events, and higher end club work.  Our budget only alows the purchase of higher end "dj" lights in order to purchase enough of them to make a decent looking show.  Right now we have 6 Martin SCX500 Manias, 4 OptiPar RGB, 6 AMDJ Pro Led46, 2 Chauvet Colorpalets, and 8 standard par cans.  We are getting rid of the Manias to get 6 of the Chauvet Qspot 260 moving head fixtures.  We currently use CompuLive but want to get into a different controller in order to create a run a more rock show vibe than a DJ show. 

Any suggestions?  Thanks ahead of time for your help!!

James Feenstra:
what's your budget? do you have a dedicated operator? do you plan on expanding the rig in the future?

duane massey:
ADJ/Elation Showdesigner 1, new or used. Best stand-alone controller for the $$$. Regardless of what you purchase, be prepared to invest some time getting used to it, but the SD 1 is very useful for live work IF you approach it correctly.


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