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Need some outdoor boxes


Craig Leerman:
Hi all,

I've just done a large fireworks gig for a Casino that does fireworks 4 times a year. In the past, they just had a stage area with a band and a DJ, but this year we provided delay speaker locations all around the grounds.  The fireworks display is set to music.

The powers that be at the casino do not want any signal run via wireless, so all remote speaker location need to be hardwired. This time we ran about 2,000' of mic cable to all the various  delay locations (where we placed  small amp racks, associated electronics, and speakers)

The casino bigwigs were so impressed with how well it sounded all around the grounds that they have offered to allow us to run cable in conduit  to the various locations (instead of flying cable from trees and buildings like we did this time).  They will provide their electric contractor for labor and the conduit. We need to supply the wire and connectors.  Then next gig, we can just place the speaker clusters and amps around the place and plug in, and not have to spend a day with a crew of 4 and a 40' cherry picker lift running wire from tree to tree and from building to building (in 110 deg heat no less!)

I want to run  a  2 circuit multipair cable to each outdoor location (many are on building roofs) so I have a primary circuit and a backup circuit. My problem is with how to terminate the cable at each location. I know where to get wallplates with 2 XLRs on them, but I can't seem to find some kind of WEATHERIZED version of a wallplate for outdoor use. I would like to just place a box at each end of each conduit in the cable runs.

Does anybody know of a weather resistant box/plate for 2 XLRs?  Ideally, It would have separate covers like a weatherized AC receptacle, bit a single cover would be OK.  This area is in the desert, so there is little rain, but a lot of sun and some sand and dust from the seasonal high winds.

Anybody know of such a box/plate combo?


Brian Bolly:
Short of putting a wallplate in an environmentally sealed box, you might try something like this... p?productid=210_228131&sublevelid=204_69791

Even if its just dust and sand with very little moisture, I'm not sure how much I'd trust that.  But, its better than nothing.


Karl P(eterson):
If it were me, I would recommend using the sealed connectors that Brian just introduced, and put them inside of a weatherproof in-use cover and have someone (whirlwind, your maker of choice...) make you up panels that are the correct sizes to fit into the square "decora-style" openings and screw into the lid.

Route all this stuff back to a patch panel setup and go home happy.

Karl P

Brian Bolly:
What I would really recommend is a 4pr or 6pr drop to each location.  If budget is really an issue, maybe 2pr to most locations with 4 or 6pr to a couple more critical locations.  

You will ALWAYS need more lines later, after you install what you think you need.  More lines would also allow for some COM or even *gasp* DMX lines in a pinch.    

Install a small Hoffman box in various locations.  They make weatherproof ones with gasketed doors, and even with a neoprene type rubber strip at the bottom that allows cables to be run in and out of the box with the door completely closed and locked.  Nice for preventing unauthorized patching.    

call up Michael at Whirlwind to get some custom panels made to fit said box, engraved as you wish, and be satisfied that you've got everything you need.  It looks good, it performs well, and there's no questions later when you have to set something up on the fly.  Heck, run some speaker line while your at it and have a nice little patch setup at each location.

Brian "Been working on too many stadiums lately   " Bolly


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