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Community R2-694X for Auditorium?


David Frost:
Hi Friends, Im looking for a speaker solution for the standard High School Auditorium. Apx 100' long, 60' wide, 30' ceiling at front, center front speaker location, 500 seat with slight slope, 16 channel mixer, a 600 watt at 4 ohm amp channel available. I don't think (or know) that the EV Vari-thingie would be enough SPL. I'm afraid the Nexo PS15 with processor is to expensive. And don't know if the R2 has enough low-end without a sub. Are there any other asymmetrical boxes I could look at or a pair of boxes 1 60 degree and 1 90 degree with fly capability. Me and the school thank all in advance.

Tom Young:
A few possible products to consider:

EAW MK-series, which provide a larger HF horn than normal (in small 2-way ldspkrs) for better pattern control down into crossover.  They are reasonably priced and come in quite a few flavors of coverage and woofer size.  Make sure they provide the beef you may need.

SPL (Sound Physics Labs), which are very high output for size, provide very good pattern control and sound great.  Use one of their 60x60 devices on top and the new Runt (90x40) on bottom. Not cheap, but very good.

EV's new Zx5, 15" 2-way box looks very interesting and comes with either a 90x45 or 60x60 HF horn.  Price is aprox $1250. list.

There are a number of other ldspkrs to also consider.  I think JBL may have a larger vari-pattern device or 2, as may Altec (who developed it first).  JBL, EAW, EV and Renkus Heinz all have various 90xwhatever and 60xwhatever 2-way ldspkrs in their catalogs, all flyable.

David Frost:
Thanks Tom, After buget considerations, I think I will try a pair of Yorkie U15s and just hit a few walls on the sides.
David Frost


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