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Placement of speakers


Posted this on the lab lounge thought it more appropriate here.

A small venue(holds 300) recently purchased a new active speaker system(DB Technologies). 4 Tops(2x12, 1x1" CD HORN) and 4 Sub(1x18"). Now the venue owner has decided on speaker position(by looks) which to my mind is a little out. The subs have been moved away from the mains and firing accross the shortest path of the room. Two of mains are not symmetrical.  The accoustics in the room are not very good(no cash for that). The Bass in the booth is plan awful(corner Node) and the bass on the dancefloor lacking. I have tried talking them into having a stack arrangement either side of the booth. How do you convince the owner to move them? Please look at the picture of the room and kindly give your thoughts on placement?


Joe Cughan:

Joe Cughan:

the only thing i could suggest would be to move the speakers how you want them, and show him the difference in sound compared to how he had them.  I think the only way to get him to change the setup is by convincing him it will sound better, and you can only do that by showing him the difference.

You could always try and explain sound theory and the phase relationship between all the mains and subs, and how it is out of time with each other, but i doubt he wants to take the time for that.

He may decide to go with aesthetics over sonic quality, and it wouldnt be the first time i've seen this.  But at least that way you tried.

If he won't let you set them up how you want to show him, then I guess you're kind of out of luck.  At least its a 300 person venue, and not 3000.

Rick Johnston:
There's not much you can do about the flown tops. They're there for coverage on the dance floor. (A DJ must have designed that arrangement!)

If that lattice-looking graphic is a divider wall, consider stacking the subs vertically in the bottom-left corner, facing diagonally across the dance floor. It should increase sub output by 6dB and help phase coherency versus two point sources.

Heck, it's worth a try.


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