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Biamp Audia


Dave Walsh:
Hey all, Am looking for opinions on this system both good and bad. How does it compare to Soundweb. Any comments are welcome. Thanks
Dave W.

Tom Bourke:
Hi Dave,
I have an audia in a system I work with.  I wish I could give you some info but the system was so porly instaled that I dont know if the problems are wiring or programing screwups.  I will say that the noise floor of the unit (8*8 unit) is very low and it does sound nice.  I have yet to acess the programing.  Maybe in a few months I will have more of an opinion.  It is feeding the amps directly and is acting as Xover and limiting (I hope)

Tom B

Rick Johnston:
If it's any indication, the designers at the company I work for at one time automatically included the Soundweb, but all of the new systems seem to be showing up with Audia.

IMO both are fairly bulletproof, but the Biamp offering is a more updated product. Audia has a slightly steeper learning curve because of its additional features.


I'm an applications engineer for Biamp and spend a lot of time working with Audia. I'm confident any problems you are experiencing are probably due to poor installation or programming. I'm happy to help you out or point you in the direction of the installer if necessary. Feel free to send me an email or call the factory.


Kiley Henner
Biamp Systems

Tom Bourke:
From what I can tell you have a good product.  I think the problems I have are with the install wiring and possibly the programing of the Audia.  It is just doing what it has been told to do!  We are going to fix the wiring and then I am going to try again at the program in the Audia.  I will probably contact you for an alternate to the company that did the install.
Tom B


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