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Behringer DDX3216 digital mixer


Behringer DDX3216 digital mixer with a I/O card.

Hi all, in my studio I have got the desk linked up to a Pc with
Sonar software. Problem I have is when I connect a eg: Mic to rec. with the gain pod on the mixer I can controle the recording level (I can see it, the track level on sonar moving as I controle the gain).

What I want to do is controle the track level with the fader!
this is not working at the moment.(the fader is only controling my level on the monitors)

Is it possable to do, or is there a setting in the desk to solve the problem?

many thanks


I haven't personally used the DDX3216 but what it sounds like is it is sending the signal to sonar like a direct out of the channel. Once you record the audio into sonar, can you use the DDX3216 as a DAW mixing the audio files with the faders? I would say if you can you should probably be able to set it up to send through the stereo mix and control the volume with the faders. That would be my guess. If nothing else go to the Behringer website and use the support function to send them an email.


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