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amps current draw and one service need if possible


Danijel Foler:
I need to choose portable generator (with avr regulator) for my portable sound system. Amp never will clip. subwoofer amp work only from 30-125hz with 24db/okt slope. mid-high amp will work from 125hz-20000hz with 24db/okt slope.

1. Is this limited spectrum lower current draw and how much, especialy with mid-high where no any heavy load from bass spectrum?

2. Service: ideally if someone have current draw meter and some amp to make pink noise test (maybe with some real music) just bellow clipping with and without crossover filters. I think that this results can help many installers.


here is analyzed sound spectrum one electronic song:
picture one: full spectrum

picture 2: filtered with butterworth 24db/okt 30-125hz (subwoofer amp)

picture 3: filtered with butterworth 24db/okt high pass 125hz (mid-high amp)

on above picture we can view that average rms power drop from 4-6dB when filters is applied. Do I can use this numbers for calculating current draw (-3dB=1/2 power)?


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