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Author Topic: Your equitment  (Read 40207 times)


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Your equitment
« on: May 01, 2004, 10:52:59 pm »

Mixer: Mackie VLZ SR-324
Tape/CD: Tascam CC-222 combo CD-RW & tape
Crossover: DriveRack PA
Compressor: DriveRack PA
Control System: DriveRack PA
FOH Main EQ: DriveRack PA
Monitor EQ: Rane ME15
FOH Mains amp: Crown Micro-Tech 1200
Monitor amp: AB International Precedent Series 600A
-Podium microphone: AT857QMLa (x1)
-Choir microphones: AT8553 (x5)
-Audix OM2- Background Vox (x2)
-Audix OM5- Background Vox (x1)
-Audio Technica ATM6HE- Used to be the main microphones, but now I never use them (x5)
-Audio Technica PRO4L- I never use it. Extremely old (x1)
-SURE- SM58- Mic’ing guitar amps, misc., extra backround
-CAD- Drums (Package: four mics for toms/snare, one for kick)
-SURE SM81- Overheads (x2)
-Audio Technica AT4031- sometimes guitar amps (x1)
-MXL Large Diaphragm condenser- Vocal microphone when recording in a studio setting
All are Audio Technica’s:
ATW-R12 (x7)(One hand held, six lapel)
ATW-R14 (x1)

DI Boxes:
Ultra-DI DI100 (x2)

FOH mains- RAMSA
-Sound Tech (x3)
-Eden Electronics (x2)

Lighting system:
Light board: NSI MC 7532
Light amps: [stage] NSI 2408 CD 2400 WATTS/CHANNEL (x2)
[House] NSI DMX 16 Demultiplener

It will be interesting to read what you guy have!

Robert Lunceford

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Re: Your equitment
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2004, 11:54:08 pm »

Hey Justin, you can check out my equipment list at my website.
Robert L

Jason Vanick

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Re: Your equitment
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2004, 08:30:08 am »

My system is slowly being built up, but here's what I got right now.

Mackie Sr24-4 soon to be upgraded to A&H Gl2200/32
Yamaha SPX90 reverb
3 DBX231 eq units (foh, plus 4 monitor mixes)
1 DBX234 crossover
2 *cough* Alesis 3630 compressors
QSC RMX2450 for Mains
QSC RMX2450 for subs
QSC RMX1450 for monitors 1 & 2
Crown XLS402 for monitors 3 & 4

Dell Laptop with a Maudio MobilePreUSB for RTA and recorded audio source, as well as live recording device.

2 Yorkville TL3252 mains
4 EV ForceE series subs (dual 15's per cabinet)
4 Yorkville Y150M's for monitors

2 SM58's for vocals
3 SM57's for snare, and guitar cabinets
3 Sennhieser 835's for vocals
2 AT3035's (usually not used live)
1 D6 for bass drum
1 Audix Fusion 4 series drum mic kit.
2 Proco CB1 direct boxes

Fred Garrett

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Re: Your equitment
« Reply #3 on: May 02, 2004, 10:14:42 am »

Here is most of it: forcement.html

Some of the stuff in the pictures isn't listed, but it is all part of the rig.

I have an t.c. electronic M-One XL and a Crest HP8-48 on order.


Tim Padrick

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Re: Your equitment
« Reply #4 on: May 02, 2004, 12:56:10 pm »

Square wrote on Sun, 02 May 2004 09:14

Here is most of it: forcement.html

I think the assymetrical horns of the QRX153 are something all boxes should have.  I've never heard this box.  Can you offer a comparison to say the KF695z or a common JBL box?

My gear list is on (scroll down a bit).

Dave Bigelow

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Re: Your equitment
« Reply #5 on: May 02, 2004, 10:59:29 pm »

Here's what I play with at work. (Not my stuff but I use it 4 days a week usually)

Mackie 32x8 (about to be replaced)
dbx 231 on mains
driverack PA
Quadraverb plus
Virtualizer Pro
Some cheap Digitech (I only use it for a drum verb)
1 Autocom (not sure of the exact model #)
2 composers
1 multigate pro (think it's the xr4400)
2 QSC USA 900
2 QSC ex2500
2 QSC mx3000a
8 Eminence kilomax 18's
8 JBL 12's
4 JBL horns

28 channel Horizon snake with 4 returns. (all xlr, no trs plugs/jacks) FOH split has all 28 + returns and mon split has 1-24.

Yamaha (mx200???)
2 rane 3 way sereo/ 4 way mono crossovers for wedges
4 cheap dod 31 bands
5 QSC USA 900
1 QSC mx1500a
3 wedges with various single 15's and JBL highs
1 drum box with 2 15's (well one got shredded somehow this weekend, I was off the clock running in another room in the club) and I think a Peavy horn.

1 Beta52
1 SM81
6 57's
4 58's
Bunch of DI's

About the only thing I suggested that this place has actually bought was the driverack. (and I wanted a 260) They just don't get it when I try to explain to them how much of a difference better stuff would make in the long run as far as durability and long term costs. I can't even begin to count how many times I've tried to relate it to buying a $400 chevette and driving it to work and back for a year or two and then it breaks and you end up buying another beater. I bring up the fact that they don't have to buy a Rolls or anything like that but maybe something like a used caddy would be nice.

Fred Garrett

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Re: Your equitment
« Reply #6 on: May 02, 2004, 11:17:52 pm »

TimmyP wrote on Sun, 02 May 2004 12:56

I think the assymetrical horns of the QRX153 are something all boxes should have.  I've never heard this box.  Can you offer a comparison to say the KF695z or a common JBL box?

I have not worked with the EAW KF695z, but I do have an EAW FR183, and the 2 FR 153's mentioned on my site.  I have also listened to the EAW LA325 on numerous occasions(as in heard bands that I have run on an LA system).

 Given my background I will say this, the box is impressive!  My friend bought a pair and I helped him dial them in, and after working with them I had to have a pair. My friend was ordering another pair, and I jumped in on that order and thus we have 6 of them.  The box is very natural.  I find that I rarely touch the house EQ outside or in non reverberant rooms with this box.  Another example would be the upper range of Bass guitar.  Usually with my other boxes, I am fiddiling with the channel EQ a lot trying to get the bass guitars high notes to sound right.  With these cabinets I set the gain, bring the fader up, reach for the channel EQ, and then stop, listen, and call for the next instrutment without touching the channel EQ.

We have run these boxes 3 per side with a 6 person accapella group and the smoothness and lack of phasing problems was very impressive.  The narrower horn pattern (75 degrees I believe)means that you need pay more attention to where you point the box than when using a 90 degree box, but as I mentioned it arrays much better.  EV's "Ring Mode Decoupling" claims to clean up the mids and whatever they did, it works (I have a pair of EV 1502 15" 2 way boxes I used for years, and they are not close to the clarity of the QRX-153s).

The asymmetrical horns are nice as I can walk up to the box and with my arm extended and my finger touching the grill I am in the high frequency dispersion pattern (this is while it is on top of a 4' tall double scoop and I am 5'6" tall).

All in all, it probably isn't as good as an EAW 650, but it sounds really nice, and is roughly half the cost and probably half the weight of a 650, plus it is tall enough that you don't have to fly it or stick it on a pole to get the highs over the crowd.

HTH  Smile

Chris Cowley

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Re: Your equitment
« Reply #7 on: May 03, 2004, 04:46:21 am »

4 RCF ART300 FOH tops (powered 2 C-Audio RA3000s)
2 2x15 Celestion Frontline loaded bins (Steven Court design) (powered by 2 Carver PM1.5)
DBX Driverack PA
DDA Q-series 24-8-2 FOH desk
4 Behringer Composer pro
4 DBX 266XL
1 Drawmer DS201
Alesis Quadraverb2
Yamaha SPX90

4 RCF ART 300
2 Celstion frontline 15 loaded + horn
2 C-Audio RA3000
1 Matrix MA600
DDA D-series 20-8 desk (ex Pink Floyd - very nice)
3 Behringer Ultracurve Pro
2 Behringer Composers
Yamaha SPX90

1 AKG D112
4 Shure Beta56
2 Shure SM57
3 Thoman EM800 condenser (30 euros and absolutely amazing!!!)
load of Shure SM58s
about 10 Behringer Ultra DIs
selection other mics but the above take the brunt of the work


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Re: Your equitment
« Reply #8 on: May 03, 2004, 10:24:24 am »

Allen & Heath GL 3300, 40 channels
Yorkville 16-2x18" subwoofers
8 JBL 15 inch low/mid boxes
8 JBL 12 inch high/mid boxes
8 JBL 2 inch compression drivers
Yorkville 8000w (subwoofers)
2 crest CA-12 2400w ea (powers low/mids; high/mids)
1 crest CA-9 1200w (powers highs)
6  bi-amped JBL 2x12x1-1/2" horn (wedges)
1 dbx Driverack 480
1 Lexicon MPX200
1 Yamaha SPX-90
1 Yamaha Rev-7
8 channels of  Behringer Gates
8 channels of  Behringer Compressors
1 CD player
2 Sennhiser MD421
5 Shure SM58
7 Shure SM57
2 Audio Technica condensers
2 EV condensers
1 EV PL-9
2 EV PL-11
6 whirlwind direct boxes

Obviously I dont use this whole setup in every venue as far as the boxes go. This system can handle pretty much everything I throw at it.
" NO !!! I WILL NOT lend you one of my socks"


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Re: Your equitment
« Reply #9 on: May 04, 2004, 10:12:13 am »

Here's my list of what I usually use on a live gig:
Tascam DM-24 digital mixer

EV QRx-153's (1 per side for smaller venues, 2 per side for larger)
EV QRx-212 Subs (1 per side)

Aviom headphone system (run from direct outs)

Beta 58 (lead)
Sm57 (snare, guitar)
AT-4054 (condensor lead)
Beta 98 (toms)
Oktava MK012 (overheads)
AE-2500 (condensor kick)

Steve H
(a few pics on website)

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