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Trying to find model number of an older JBL rectangle wood grain install loudspeaker


Hello all,

A church has hired me to evaluate their sound system and when I went to the church I noticed that the main loudspeaker (although 30' feet in the air) had the JBL sticker on the grille.  The loudspeaker has a damaged HF driver so I thought I would do a little research to find the model of the loudspeaker.  I went to JBL's website and could not find it nor when I contacted JBL they were unhelpful and simply referred me back to their website.  So that puts me here... does anyone remember the model number and/or series of a JBL loudspeaker which is in a wood grain exterior rectangle enclosure with (3) fly points in a line on every face of the enclosure?  I don't believe this loudspeaker is a custom box because I remember seeing the same looking boxes in an install about 8-9 years ago.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hal Harrison

P/S - I believe it is a 2way box passive 15/1 perhaps.

Rick Kamlet:
A single 2-way with 15" woofer could be a number of models, but it kind of sounds like the model you're describing might be a 4660.   It's a 2-way box with a single 15" LF driver and a small format HF driver.  The horn is the unique identifying factor.  It looks like a sculpture or something.   It directs more of the sound to the farther distance areas of the room and less to the close areas.  Here is the address of its spec sheet:

Rick Kamlet
JBL Professional


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