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Author Topic: Wiring Balanced Cables  (Read 4588 times)

Brent Handy

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Re: XLR = stereo...No, not really
« Reply #10 on: April 28, 2004, 12:17:23 pm »

Sorry about the dry humor.  I was going to say that the initials were for Ron and Larry.

Anyone who posts questions like the original should know that has a good reference for terms like this.  It is funny too.

Bob Currier

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Re: XLR = stereo...No, not really
« Reply #11 on: April 29, 2004, 04:10:28 pm »

I just teach my junior high kids that it means extra large.  Smile



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Re: Mackie has it backwards
« Reply #12 on: April 30, 2004, 12:33:29 am »

Hi Brent!

OK if you want to split hairs then yes, the (long discontinued) CR1604 has balanced main L/R outputs with tip=cold and ring=hot.

Aux sends and returns are all unbalanced, Mic inputs and main mono output are pin2=hot and Line inputs are Tip=hot.

But thanks Brent for getting me to review this because then I recognized that I wasn't thinking about the manuals but about the "Hookup Guides".

Here is the link:


Thomas Albenberger

Dave Bigelow

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Re: Wiring Balanced Cables
« Reply #13 on: April 30, 2004, 02:19:54 pm »

I just had to do this the other day.

The other guy that works at the club I work at ordered some new crossovers for one of the PA's. Well of course they passed up the 2 different driveracks I suggested and bought 2 dbx 233's. In the process of ordering these you would think somebody would have actually looked at the wiring. Dude ordered the wrong ones (the 233's not the 233XL's) so I spent a while chopping off the XLR's and soldering up TRS just so these could be installed.

Another instance is just yesterday where on the other sysytem the main eq took a dump. (an old ultrashit, I mean curve) After me having to mix one of the biggest nights we have all year with no FOH eq (it's derby week around here for those that don't know), this guy orders an Alesis (MEQ230 I think, I call it "paperweight"). I even told the club "I don't know how you did it but you actually found something worse than the "B" we had". As I was pulling out the eq and patching the drive lines together (thank god for dual sweepable mids but then again it's a mackie so I don't put alot of faith in them), I notice that the guy did me the favor of not cutting off the ends and making them TRS, he used adapters that weren't even balanced.

I think the best part was the opener seeing me ripping the eq out of the rack and telling them that I wasn't gonna use it. The look on their faces was priceless since the new guy had soundchecked them before he went home. I could tell they were worried but when they started I just did some changes to the strips and corrected the gain structure and all was good, the look on their faces then was even better since at the end of their set one of them was telling me how "that other guy" couldn't get rid of a low-mid ring in the vocal mics. Best part was seeing the headliner's guy freak out at not having an eq and he's mixed on that rig almost as much as I have, he ended up calling somebody and had a dbx 231 ran out to him.

I think that my place of work needs to start having me order gear since I know what we need and won't settle for junk. I've tried everything as far as explaining why you don't buy junk and they still look at the (instant) dollar figure instead of what would be spent long-term. (You know the "You can buy a Yugo now and replace it next year or buy a omid level Caddy and have it for a while if you take care of it) Then again I've worked there close to 3 years and they hired this guy in as the "head tech", at least he knows not to try and tell me what to do since I'll yank out all the cables out of the back of the amp racks and erase my driverack program (on the system that has one) if they REALLY piss me off.
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