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Author Topic: Colortrack III v/s Rainbow 250  (Read 1798 times)


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Colortrack III v/s Rainbow 250
« on: April 23, 2004, 09:09:17 pm »

Which do you recomend? They'll be on 9 or 11 foot stands. If I go with the Colortracks Ill have six and the Rainbows Ill have 4. Heres the package deals below:

Colortrack III

Rainbow 250: 287/src=01340

Also, which DMX controller is better? I like doing spare of the moment stuff. So, with either of those, could i push a button or fader and make them change colors instantly? Or does it all have to be programmed? How much difference is there between the 150watt bulb and the 250?

Is it possible to decide what color you want or is it always random?

The room is a gym with a temperary stage. The only other lights are some very dim house lights in the back of the room and (4) par 46's.

One more question. Would I still be able to control everything if I bought the Colortrack package and also added two seperate sale Rainbows to the system? What extra cables would I need?

Thanks for listening to my ramble. Please reply as soon as possible. THANKS!!!!

len woelfel

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Re: Colortrack III v/s Rainbow 250
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2004, 01:07:09 pm »

I can't tell you which to buy.  They're both pretty basic products.  From looking at the picture, the colortrack appears to have a better controller, but I can't really tell.  As for a 150 or 250 being better, that depends as much on the optics, etc. as the lamp output.  Can you compare them a-b?


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Re: Colortrack III v/s Rainbow 250
« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2004, 11:40:51 am »

After looking at both products, I would have to recomend the American dj product.

First, here's why I don't like the chauvet product.  

1-dmx channel means the color wheel also acts as the shutter, so if you want to go from say blue to blackout the unit will scroll through all the colors to the blackout frame on the color wheel.

150W lamp.  if you're in a gym and also competing against par 46, the effect will be lost.

What I like about ADJ ...
2 chan dmx means dimmable...1 for color and 1 for dimming.
250W focased beam lamp means it can compete with 500w pars.

As far as control, I would say just use a standard dmx desk for everything.  "instant" color changes could be achieved by setting "scenes" to a fader on the desk.
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