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Brit Audioman doing a favour (why can't I keep my mouth shut!), about to take delivery of a couple of Behringer dimmer packs for  Behringer control unit, mobile usage, 13A domestic supply only likely to be used. Dimmer packs do 3 phase but can use domestic for reduced output (no probs- expect to use under 1A per channel, not the specified 10A per channel). Manual bit sparse - alright, totally lacking, on how to wire up for "portable" use. Each dimmer pack is 6 channel, 3 phase says L1+2, L3+4, L5+6. Can I wire it up with my only Live feed into L1 and link this supply over the next 5 channels?These are apparently new units to the market but anyone had use of them yet?
Any help/pointers (apart from keeping mouth shut) gratefully received!!

Nick S.:
I can understand why people are attracted to the Behringer dimmers - the Eurolight 6s cost around

yes, you would have thought I had learnt by now - of the last 3 audio items bought from this manufacturer, 2 have gone back,  and already the dmx controller has exhibited some peculiar things that have required an IT helpdesk response (pull plug out and turn it on again) and thats even before the dimmer packs have turned up and been connected! Still,  for light usage (pun intended!) as you say the cost is low and so long as it works for the 2 gigs planned this summer..............


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