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What should I have in my rack?


Just a bit curious as too what I should upgrade my rack with and why. Right now I have a Turbosound THL 4 stack rig biampd with three Crown MA3600s and an LMS 680 Turbosound Speaker management system. The thing is I was considering getting a DBX IEQ31 but then thought that the Driverack 260 might do that and more. Could I, should I run the Driverack with the LMS 680 and what else would you suggest I add to the rack and why?

Thanks; JonPaul

Karl P(eterson):
Ok, I rember you said (in the old lounge) that right now your doing some vocal work, but are going to be starting to do some fuller bands soon...

You have a good solid speaker and amp rig at the moment (I can't remember if you have subs, if you don't, or you don't have subs that will keep up with your tops, you definitely may want to look at that first.) So lets work backwoods from there.

You already have a turbosound proc box. This is good and is most likely of ample quality to do what you are doing right now.

So now we back up to the next step, your equalizers. The DBX stuff is much better than say, behringer or peavy, but its not really up to par with your main system (IMHO)... What you really should consider is a Ashley Protea rig. This is cheaper than good eq's, is more functional, and takes up less space. You can get one remote, use it for system setup and control monitors through the show. Latter on if you get a monitor board/tech you can let them have the remote during the show, or get another one for over there (they are relatively inexpensive.)

From there backing up we now are to your board. I honestly think anyone serious about smaller quality SR should not stop upgrading there board till they get at least into the quality level of say a midas venice. Whether you need to go there via an allen heath / soundcraft spirit board, or whether you can go there in one jump depends on your resources.

Backing up from there, you probably want a 32 channel 2 way splitting snake with 8 returns and multipin disconnects, most everyone making these types of systems make good ones, but make sure you get a quality snake, you want this one to be the last one. 32 by 8 gives you all the channels you should need unless/until you go into large format SR work. The other benefits of the multipins aside from being able to prewire your dog houses is that if you ever damage any of the cables, or need to add 50 extra feet to your FOH, you only need to add/replace cable and off you go without buying whole new snakes.

Branching off to the side for a moment, You get to monitor land.... For smaller format monitor work I really like Spirit Monitor 2 by Soundcraft, and think it does the job well. You could also use a Midas Venice, or whatever board your using for FOH on monitor detail. Personally though I like using a monitor board for the added auxes and little details (on the spirit monitor I love the "Dim button" which cuts all the volume down -6dB) like good post/pre fader on the auxes etc.

Backing up from there is your monitors, if your using turbosound mains, you may like to have a listen to turbo's TFM-212, they are passive but sound pretty good, and there double 12's give it a little more directivity, but here, listen around, and get some monitors that work well for you.

Now lets look at the amps for those..... I personally think PLX's are excellent for monitor world..... and have a good price/performance/weight/features mix, but of course your preferences will play out here.

From there we have your inputs.... Build up a good mic kit, get some high quality active DI's.. Build up your compressors, gates, effects, add some wireless.... add some power distros from someone like motion laboratories.. maybe even add some of your own off topics... etc etc...

In the end, any of us can recommend all day long, what you need to do is sit down, identify your priorities and your needs, and get ready to invest, invest, and invest some more!

Karl "Money becomes like liquid in your hands once you start working towards quality.." P


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