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Syllabi for audio workshops


Matt Leonard:
Wow - first post in here. Sorry if this seems not directly related to the Audio Seminars course - but I feel it's pretty applicable to the intent of audio seminars.

So, I've been teaching some SR/live audio classes at a local teen center, and curious if people have any syllabi or course outlines for similar classes. I don't expect Audio Seminars to cover stuff this entry-level - but maybe stuff from small tech schools, or workshops any of ya'll may have done?

It's actually quite hard to teach a primer on audio to folks that don't have any background in audio, or even as musicians! Starting with components/signal flow is hard - because each piece is so used in relation to other components - that without an overview of a typical system, my kids seem lost. And if you start with an overview - they get overwhelmed and get lost on what does what. I tried starting with concepts of sound and signal flow - but again, kids got lost, and got bored easily because they didn't have a basic grasp on what the goal was.

Anyone have experience with this? It's so hard when you've been doing it so long, that it all makes sense to you - and it's hard to break it down into layman terms.....


Michael Prasuhn:
You may find this useful: ;24/f6df1d30f360f21b6545ff9b7cdcd2f6/

-Mikey P


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