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Will this work ? -- or am I asking for trouble?


Randy Smith:
I am getting ready to do an outside show. I'm worried that one speaker per side will not be loud enough for the number of people.(possibly about 700 people)

I have JBL MR 925 (15" & horn) (100H X 80v pattern) Also have two MR 918 subs but will set together center in front of stage and just watch their levels.

My question is
If I set two per side (splayed tight side by side 130 degrees) will this cause comb filtering? If so how about flipping one upside down and sitting on top of the other to get good coupling of horn and also woofer. Would this be the best, or not much different?

**note** the 100 or (130 splayed) degree angle will probable work good. Whereas if I splay them all the way to 200 degrees to not comb filter, it would be too wide. I would rather throw longer then wide.


Al Limberg:
I would definitely opt for the speakers stacked 'horn-to-horn'.  Be very aware that outdoors is a REALLY big room!  This system will be audible but will in no way approach loud.  You don't mention what sort of entertainment you will be amplifying, but this is a quick way to get to know JBL's service and parts department on a first name basis.  Be very careful and don't let someone goad you in to trying for levels you just can't reach.


Karl P(eterson):
Be especially careful with the bass, it can litterally up and disapear on you outside. The highs are semi directional and thus wont disapear as quick, but that bass can. So don't drive your subs or your tops to hard, and at the end of the day if you need more and plan to do a lot of medium size outdoor gigs, you might want to start considering a new "A" rig... Something that has much narrower dispersion on your top boxes. In any case, dont blow anything up and have fun, the acoustics are much better outside <G>

Karl "A PL9 bridged into a single 18? why not!" P

Randy Smith:
Thanks for the advice

It will be a speaker for a while, then two or more singing groups with full bands (drums, bass, guitars, keys, etc.)

Type of music I still have not been informed (probably contemporary gospel)

Sorry, should had gave this info in first question.


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