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Weidamark Failures


Jeffhtg (Jeff Kenney):
I'm starting to experience LED failurs on Weidamark 64 10mm par cans. It is always the blue. They start by flickering in small groups of 3-4 or so and then soon they all stop working.

In Weidamark's defense these things have been used for 2+ years straight every night basically. So they got some hours on them.. however it certainly falls short of the 50,000 hour estimated lifespan. Arguably not cheaper than a par can - altho it would come close replacing the gel every week or two. (not figuring in the power savings as I do not have to pay for Kw/H)

I currently have 3 out of 8 cans with no blue at all and 1 flickering when I touch it.

James Feenstra:
probably a loose connection on the pcb inside the unit somewhere...common problem with LEDs I've found, especially when they travel

had a bunch of elation units loose colors the same way...simple loose connection


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