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New speaker system

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He asked for opinions on what works and I gave him one with reasons to back up my choice for his application.  When rt times get to 3.5 or above certain speakers are better than others and hence my solution to his problem. It is my understanding that we can recommend product on this forum as long as we give reasons for the recommendation. I have done that and will continue to do so.

FYI I recently installed two MK boxes in a church, I own two sets of JBL monitors in my studio and have done live sound with many different boxes.  

Karl P(eterson):
While its quite possible that these boxes could work for him, he would need at least 6 boxes, possibly twice as many. From my (current) pricing information, that equates to a minimum of 30'000$ in speaker equipment alone which doesn't even including amps, installation, processing, tuning, etc.

I am not saying that ways I, or anyone else, could come up with  would or could be any cheaper/more effective/better. I am trying to say that when talking these kind of numbers, or this kind of space, you, nor I, can recommend a product without seeing, listening to, and at least doing minimal measurements. No one short of God can.

Its fine to recommend a product if one can back up why it should be used, in this case I don't think it can be.

Karl P

Forgot to add: If I am wrong, then so be it. I do not believe that I am, or that I have given you reason to be upset in how I have responded. Nevertheless, I am more than happy to be wrong about such things, it doesn't scare me. If I am wrong, please get Tom Young, Dave, or any of the other respected members of this site to come and read this thread and tell me where I have gone wrong.


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