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system configuration and placement


luis Markson:
I just started operating for promoter who thought he could save a few bucks by buying his own production equipment. He landed 2 mackie S410s and 4x S408 boxes. He is running this as a biamped system with an Alto amp for the subs and some other cheapo thing for the tops. We've got a little soundcraft desk, a DBX graphic, a peavy cross over and that's about it. I'm told there is a 2nd hand TC M1 on its way.

So now its time to try and turn this into an acceptable PA.

Here's my list so far.

2 more S410s
DBX 260 driverack
Some QSC Powerlight3s
I'll take a Midas Venice F24..
compression, gates etc...

So here is where my questions start:

I have 5 outdoor gigs coming up for a local conservatorium. Acts will range from solo vocalists to jazz quartets to 5 piece string ensambles. I think there is a funk band at some stage too.

The FOH stacks are a minimum of 5-6 meters apart, with the audience seated on a hill across a dam about 20 - 25 meters away (the dam starts at the front of the stage and is 20-25 meters wide).

We have done one gig where we stacked 2 x s408 on top of a S410s each side. I chose this configuration to deal with the fact that we had a lot vertical area to cover (audience on a small hill). Obviously we missed out on the 150deg potential coverage from horizontal arraying. The audience covered quite a wide area and while the mix provided good separation and intelligibility across the area, the mix obviously varied quite dramatically in different areas.

So how do I horizontally array 2 x S408 while still getting decent height out of them? The ground isn't exactly level so 2 speakers stands side by side would be unmanageable. Are there stands that can accommodate this (one base for two boxes)

What kind of effect will the coupling from the wide dispersion have by the time it reaches the other side of the dam? What frequencies could expect to get reinforced (or otherwise)? At 150deg there will be some serious crossover between the stacks. Also concerned that the potential for feedback will be dramatically increased.

luis Markson:
I've just reposted this in the lounge... seems more appropriate..... Still need help...

Doug Fowler:
Please go to your profile and put your full name in the Name field.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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