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Vocational Mentoring Program questionaire... input requested


Larry Majercin:
Hi all,
Frequent lurker and occasional poster on the old forum.

My request is this:  I am part of a career/mentoring program in my community, and need to put together a profile for those interested in careers in the Pro AV industry.
There are a number of questions in this profile, and thought it would be useful (or foolhardy) to throw them out to you all... Reply to the thread, or to my email:  larry "at" ptgav "dot" com.  Thanks in advance.. Here are the questions:

Related Careers:
Expected income range (entry level to experienced):
Job Opportunities:
Educational requirements:
Suggested High School classes:
Pros and cons of this career:
Typical day:

Thanks in advance... it might be interesting to see what others have to say.

Brad Weber:
I guess the challenge I see is that I could provide multiple and quite different sets of answers depending on roles I've had or been involved with over the years and that is just scratching the surface of the potential roles in the industry.  You'd large number of responses to get a valid overview.  Along those lines, I think InfoComm and NSCA may already have some related resources and they are both usually happy to work with people developing mentoring programs.

Larry Majercin:
Thanks Brad for the suggestions for InfoComm.  I'll it them up.


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