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Sanctuary acoustics/ thoughts/ suggestions

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Frank DeWitt:
Wow.  Your church is just like ours, right down to the arches, fans, projector, and lighting.  I am glad to here you are maxing out the place.

We could not get good sound from the choir or the worship team when they were located between the two little rooms up front.  We finally put the entire worship team down in front of one of the rooms and to one side.  It is not a good layout because they are all lined up in a row but it is a much better sound. Next we brought in a guy who EQed the room and carefully aimed the speakers. That got rid of some harshness and got a more even volume. The next biggest improvement we made in our sound was IEMs.  To my surprise they instantly quieted down the piano and drums. (Why,  Because the cycle of each playing louder then the next to make them selves heard to themselves was broken.)

I agree with others, you need everything going through the sound system.


Jonathan Johnson:
As for the mix position, it looks like you'd lose about 18 seats (two rows of pews on one side) to move it to the back of the sanctuary proper. That would certainly improve your ability to tune the sound and would let you mix more effectively.

Could some of that seating be made up for by adding seating in the low-ceiling area in the back? You'd want to have fill speakers under there on an appropriate time delay. The seats in the back may not be so desirable, especially if you need to be standing up while mixing. In my experience, there are plenty of people who would rather sit in the back than hear & see anyway.

chuck clark:
2 major problems. Drums getting triple bounce off back walls. Get some sonex back there or SOMETHING that ABSORBS sound behind the drummer. (the sound coming off the front of the kit is only 1/4th of the problem!)

That big reflective back wall. Again something that absorbs, like a curtain or drape or some sonex. Make sure your main speakers have some down angle so they are NOT just shooting sound straight into that back wall.

Someone else mentioned IEM's. they do tend to really help reduce the overall amount of sound bouncing around the room. A little ambiance is wonderful but too much bounce interferes with clarity which sounds like what you are dealing with. Have a lovely day.


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