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Sanctuary acoustics/ thoughts/ suggestions

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Joe Long:
As soon as i get them organized im going to put up some pictures of our sanctuary. I know its effecting our sound dramatically and was just curious on the forums thoughts and perhaps suggestions on what we could do and what not. Our sound isnt all that bad with what we're running.
Very simple setup

Behringer Eurodesk 3242fx-pro
Presonus acp 88 compressor for pastor and worship leader
Drums are not micd but yet shield doesnt seem to help either
running mono not stereo
3 onstage monitor wedges
2 sonic t-15 main speakers
3 carvin amps, 1 for mains 1 for subs and 1 for monitors

again just wondering your thoughts on the room acoustics ect...maybe ways to improve sound.

Getting and EQ? Speaker processing?

PICS are on attachments, wasnt sure how to insert them in here

Ron Balsom:
Welcome Joe.  You have a beautiful worship area to begin with. Before all the other individuals 'chime in' here, jump on the web and plug-in "Owens Corning #703 accoustic insulation panels".  That will get you started in the right direction in thinking.  There are 'obvious places' that panels could be mounted and even add some 'color' to your area. However, if your 'budget' at all allows for some advice from a competent accoustic technition, that would be money well spent.  You might want to 'post' more info here about what concerns you have such as feedback, drums, echeo, sound at the back of the room, etc.  Blessings,  Ron Balsom HPCC  Casper, Wyoming.   

Matthias Heitzer:
Just a few thoughts:

Check the aiming of your main speakers, thy should not hit the walls and ceiling.
If you are running mono, the coverage of the speakers should not overlap.

Are you able to hear at mix position what the congregation hears?

A Drum shield won't do any good if the kit is in front of a reflective wall.
That's the first spot i'd install acoustical treatment.

You did not mention anything that could serve as a crossover for the sub and the mains.
A simple speaker processor could improve things, but setting it up should be done by someone who knows what he is doing.

Brad Weber:

--- Quote from: Ron Balsom on February 10, 2011, 03:15:42 AM ---Welcome Joe.  You have a beautiful worship area to begin with. Before all the other individuals 'chime in' here, jump on the web and plug-in "Owens Corning #703 accoustic insulation panels".  That will get you started in the right direction in thinking.
--- End quote ---
Not necessarily.  Some acoustical absorption would likely help but getting started in the right direction for an existing space usually entails first identifying the current conditions and problems followed by defining the goals and expectations.

For example, while I see some large apparently acoustically reflective surfaces, I also see what appears to be a mix position in a different acoustical environment than the listener area, speakers that don't appear to have been located, aimed or selected based on coverage or intelligibility and no system processing (and a little vague on the sub since it is mentioned in relation to the amps but not mentioned in the equipment items noted).  At the same time we don't seem to know the types of music or the levels typically involved, the relationship of music and spoken word to the services, what instruments are run through the system versus using on stage amps, whether stage levels are a factor with the floor monitors, whether there may also be a choir or anything like that and the relative importance of congregational interaction and response.

That's a very long winded way of saying that although the pictures are tremendously helpful, you still need to identify what you are trying to fix and what would be considered a successful result before starting to develop solutions.

One thing I'd be interested to try is since you are running mono, simply turn off one channel.  Maybe even aim the active speaker more at the opposite rear corner of the seating, if that is easy to do.  The imaging will be off to one side but does that help in terms clarity and intelligibility?

John Fiorello:
Hi Joe!

In order to get the best help, it would be great if you could articulate what exactly you don't like about your sound or what you're hoping to change.

If you did include those details and I missed them I apologize!




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