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Mic Advice


Steve Stallings:
Our praise and worship band has six singers in two groups of three. They were each using a handheld EV (D90?)which was taking up two many inputs. I changed over to two MXL 603s mics which they stand in front of. These super wide cardoid condenser mics really are quite good if only I could get the folks to curve around them and sing towards them. Any ideas? These mics were part of my plan to cut down on stage clutter. I just happened to have these mics.

Tom Young:
I had to do a google to find out what the MXL 630s is. It would be great if you provided more detaails in future posts.  Thanks.

There is no EV D90 that I know of, although AKG makes (made ?) such a model.

The only solution I know of is to ask/tell them to stand as required, project and do so towards the microphone.

Regardless of how the mic is used, a certain level of technique is always required.  Obviously, in this case that is what is not happening.  There is no mic position or processing that will improve this.

Steve Stallings:
had to do a google to find out what the MXL 630s is. It would be great if you provided more detaails in future posts. Thanks

hmm.. well, it is MXL 603s not 630 and my description above states " these super wide cardoid condenser microphones". I'm not sure what other information you would have me post... Should I post the specs of the mic? Just curious.

Regarding the other mics, they are SM58 AKG clones. I have the model number wrong and the brand, but that is really not important. You are correct in that this is a technique issue. I am aware of this. I was looking for ideas on different mics which might help correct this. Thanks and God bless your day.

Kevin Ballard:
Tell them they sound great.
Then mark on the floor in tape, the toe marks and tell them they are the optimum distance for that microphone. Faced with that they are more likely to comply (but don't bank on it) set the marks before they arrive and give it a go. All subject to having enough gain and separation for that mic and that location.

Just my

Tom Young:

It's simply a case of providing base informaion for a not-widely-known device so that I/we do not have to google and then track down what the device is and does. I had no idea even what brand this was.  Befor replying to a post such as yours I need to be sure I know what device we're talking about.

So a URL would have been great.


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