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Bad Habits

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Tim McCulloch:

I don't know if you're seriously codependant, but dude, you are spending waaaayyyy too much time and taking on too much responsibility.

What happened to the 3 teams?  Die, move away, change religion?  Or did they burn out....?  My friend, you are headed to the "burned out" ward soon.    

Stand back and be a member of the congregation for a couple of services and participate in whatever they do in your church.  However, resist the urge to leave your seat and head to the booth.

Perhaps a more interesting question you should answer for yourself:  is this amount of volunteerism a spiritual requirement?


Tim Mc

Chris Cowley:
Too right man - I did the same thing with an IT suite at my church. I built the thing in my spare time (I can't sleep during the day, so I have plenty of it seeing as this is mostly an evening industry).

I ended up living there pretty much, but in the end got so sick of it and nearly fell out with my church in a big way - within weeks of our pastor doing our wedding!

You have to remember that God calls Christians serve HIM, not the church - and if he really wants you to be spending all your time working on your church's PA, he will supply the funding for them to pay you!

Mike W.:
I agree. yes i spend to much time there most of the team members burned out and had to leave. I guess I'm the strongest or the one with the least amount of sense. I'm trying to put the responsibility of recruiting on the staff, but have had no luck. I tell them and they say what about the video guy. since theres only 3 of us who work all that dose is switch us around and put us in a position that is more awkward. I mean I can run lights, sound, or video better than all of them. But I can't do all three. What more do I say.

I tell them to find someone new because I'm working some Sunday and they just wine and get the flute player to push a fader or two up and down.

David A. Parker:
churches tend (unintentionally) to abuse those with talents. Musicians need an audience, therefore in churches they will play for free. Sound people in churches tend to drift toward the sound system, because we hear the problems and have a desire to fix it. We also will be abused because we can't sit still when there's a problem we can easily fix. In years past, when churches only had organs and pianos, even the medium sized churchs paid those musicians. Now with contemporary praise and all kinds of instruments musicians aren't paid anymore. Complex sound systems replaced the old Shure vocalmasters, and where a church had no need for more than an 8 channel mixer, now they need 56 channels x 3, FOH, monitors, and broadcast. Still, paid people in key positions would solve so many problems. In a church several years ago I played bass and took care of the sound system, another guy mixed but got there just as church was starting, since I was on stage. It got to where I dreaded going to church because of a couple of choir members who could never be pleased with the monitor mix. While everyone else was rehearsing before the service, I was at the sound board trying to pacify a manic depressive woman who could never be pleased, and intended everyone else to feel HER pain.

Finding more volunteers can be tough, if the leadership won't help, then maybe it's time to move on.

Seriously, since I have graduated college, I rarely look back at the ministry I was involved in b/c the leadership didn't help much.  I would tell them we needed more people for load in, they would agree and do nothing. I resorted to collecting whoever was there and having them help, and those people weren't too thrilled to be asked to help. The band for various reasons was not at the facility early enough to help with setup, towards the end of the semester, since I knew I was leaving, I convinced some of the band members that they would need to start coming earlier to help with setup and that we needed them to help with tear down.

I was also promised that the leadership, which was in charge of fundraising, would raise the funds for the needed PA. I didn't think I was asking for a whole lot, but they never raised the funds. They opted to rent a PA, promise the guy they'd find people to help, well apparently I was more than one person or something, b/c I was usually the only one to help or want to help. They finally got tired of paying him and probably listening to him remind them of their promise to provide helpers, so they stopped using him. His last night just happened to be the last week of meetings before I graduated hmmm...

Well, I went back to pick some of my stuff up one night b/c I'd like to network some and maybe pick up some regular pa work and figured I might want my personal headphones and spl meter. Well, it turns out someone in the band knew a guy going to Full Sail, he seems like a cool guy, but he's primarily a recording guy (not saying recording guys are not good, he just hasn't really developed his live audio technique). He was in a band, and brought his PA in, plus managed to get the ministry staff to buy a bunch of unneeded processing when he really needed a crossover for the "subs". The sound is pretty bad compared to what it was when they paid someone. They have all sorts of problems with the pa. In all I'm glad I'm not there or I'd be more burnt out and more unhappy with the experience with that ministry.

Now I'm happy to be working on the video side of things (for a change) at my church. Our worship leader is really good, and if I suggest something he doesn't just tell me what I want to hear, if he says he'll do something he does it. He knows when to go to the senior pastor and when to just leave well enough alone (if our request seems to have fallen on deaf ears) and he lets me know what's happening.

Although I'd rather be doing the audio, the current sound guy is doing a great job, and has been for several years. I figure if God wants me behind the console again in the future, He'll provide the opportunity. In the mean time I'm happy to serve were I am.

Ok, so bad habits was actually the topic Yes, I've had bad habits, they seem to be the hardest to break too. I usually try to add to much low end on the strip eq or always giving the band what they want in the monitors instead of asking them if anything was too loud and needed to be turned down. Oh, and I learned the hard way to make sure the Audix drum mic cables where fully clipped in. It's not fun trying to reconnect the cable in the middle of a set



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