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Gavin James:
Hi Guys. Im a new member on here and wanted your thoughts and opinions on this.

I am a solo artist using a laptop with backing tracks (mainly pop/party music).

I am looking at upgrading my system to either of the following

2 X EV ELX115P and a ELX118P Sub
2 X JBL PRX615M and a JBL PRX618XLF Sub

You may tell me to get the 12" tops instead, but the reaon i am going for 15" tops is for gigs where only tops are needed.

Both are very very similar in SPLs / Frequency Range / Price Point.

Does anyone have experience in either of these systems?

I know that the EV sub doesnt have a stereo input/output, but this isnt a real problem as a play in mono anyway.

Thanks guys


Chad Costanzo:
Its gonna be hard to get a real opinion on the EV as it is not shipping yet.  However, it is a great sounding box from what I could tell in the Demo room at NAMM.   I think they sounded good both with and without the sub and I am looking at getting a few pairs myself

The JBL speakers listed I know people really seem to like. However I can not give a good opinion as I have not used them.

Tim Talbot:
Comes down to taste, i love JBL kit and feel they are pushing things farward with the SRX, VRX and PRX kit.... I heard many EV subs but not the ones your talking about. That said i've never been blown away by EV subbass cabinets am sorry to say :(

Stavross (Sam Buck):
I can't speak to the cabinets you mentioned; however I personally have EV tops over JBL subs.

Tim Talbot:
Some people do find that JBL have a ''hash'' topend but i've never really found it a big problem


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