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Encrypted Wireless - AKG?, Suggestions?

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I need to purchase 12 encrypted wireless systems.  Right now the only thing I'm seeing that looks descent is the AKG 700 series.  Does anyone have any experience with these units, or is there something else I should consider?


Philip Roberts:
Lectrosonics has a line of encrypted wireless,

Interestingly its their 700 series also.

The price is likely to be up there, but Lectro RF is nearly bullet proof.



Thanks for the responce, however Lectrosonics is limited to a maximun of 8 systems that can be used together at a time.  I will need at least 12.  Price is not really an issue.

Does anyone have experiance with the AKG or perhaps could suggest another brand that has a proven track record?


Jens Palm Bacher:
Look into the Sony DVX digital wireless system. Supports encryption, and as a bonus has the best audio quality in the market.

Tim McCulloch:
The best encryption... is copper wire.  I tried to explain that to some doofus... er, client, from Adobe, 15 years ago but he didn't want to hear it.  "We MUST have wireless!"  Why?  "Because we're doing TV!"  Uh, yeah, iMag.  Nobody is moving more than 6 feet during the presentation.

They were concerned that someone with a scanner would be sitting in the parking lot, recording.  I understand corporate espionage, but to refuse out-of-hand the real and complete solution available at that point in history was just dumb.


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