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Steve Stallings:
 We are pretty small here at First Baptist Bremond. I think we get about 70-100 on Sundays. I am chief volunteer, bottle washer, tech, drummer, bassist, guitarist, pedal steel player, vocalist, and keyboard hack. I have recently self funded a system for our Praise band and youth center. This system is pretty well documented in the lounge so I won't go into it. My 17 y/o is mixing FOH (actually side of!) and my 15 y/o is playing guitar. It's all voluntary. I practice family medicine in a rural Christian clinic for the poor during the week.

David Harvey:
Strictly volunteer.  We have three main sound guys and we split the Sundays out about equally among the three of us.  Rehearsals last about 2 hours on Wednesdays.  Standard worship/praise: multiple vocalist, drums, bass, acc guitar x2, piano and keyboards.  We have around 900 each Sunday split between two services The church has a full time ‘programming director’ who manages all the technical stuff but she is always directing the services while we do the actual hands on running of the board.  I also act as part of the drama team and do some other IT work for the church (my day job is IT management).  

All-in-all I average about five hours a week volunteering.


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