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How many here...

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Eric Chancey:
...are full/part time at their church? Just curious really.

If you call full time 60+ hours...
count me in.


Mike Galica:
Part-time volunteers are all we have at our church.

Dan Timon:
I am part-time. We have 4 permanent full-time audio, about 12 part-time audio, including 3 or 4 who are temporarily full time, plus a full-time TD, plus video and lighting full and part-time people.


Dan Timon

Our church is at 3000 members, we have 4 sound volunteers for the main sancuary and 2 for Sr. High. I take the lead and put in an average of 10-15hrs/week taking care of/maintaining (non-paid) the sound systems. With all of the activities going on during the week we can not keep up, so we just hired a full time sound/video editor who will start in a few weeks.


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