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What is the software that you use to run your business

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Jan Andersson:
yes i would like to know what is your choice of software to keep your stock organized and keep track of bookings. i would like to get one myself but there are too many options out there.. and some of them are dang expensive

Jason Dermer:
We use Flex Rental for our own company as well as for a block of 5 venues that we provide all of the technical services for. Demos are available from Flex by request. Their customer support is second to none.

No Name:
Easyjob 4.0

Does everything we ask of it and more.  Quite complicated initial setup though...  Oh, and its not cheap, worth the expense though.

Tim Talbot:
Rental Desk :)

Riley Casey:
Filemaker Pro.  You would need to roll your own of course, it's a generic database program but it does allow you to build to suit. 


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