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Electric Violin signal path suggestions

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Eric Christian:
Thanks for all these suggestions!

John, I'm a bass player so I'm not very educated when it comes to violins. :-[  :)  I'll have her look at these other violin brands and maybe she can start planning on an upgrade in the future.  Definately going to try out the ART tube pre and some better effects asap. 

Jay, I think our guitar player may have a fishman aura that he uses with his acoustic so that maybe something we could add to her signal chain very easily.  I like the look of that radial pz pre.  Hopefully Guitar Center(its the only store even remotely close to us) has them available to try. 


Jonathan Goodall:
Have you ever come across Ed Alleyne-Johnson?
You get a quick look every now and then at what he uses but there could be 12-15 pedals on the ground.

Jim Stachowski (Ashly):
Hi Eric,

I use a Zeta Strados and I second John H's comment about the ART Tube MP;

"However, Roland's suggestion of wasting money on downstream electronics that cost more than something like the ART Tube MP preamps is well heeded.  Until she gets a serious instrument anyway."

Zeta --> Tube MP --> her choice of effects chain. It takes the edge off and has more than enough gain to push all the effects.


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