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Portable System to be used in gym

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Kristian Stevenson:
I forgot to mention (and I'm not sure if you can tell in the pictures) that the gym walls are carpet covered 10ft up along with the front face of the balcony. Taylor, I am also in favor of a back curtain to absorb stage sound and ad lighting effects. We are working on getting some ladies in the church to sow us up some stage skirts 8) so maybe they can do that as well.

Robert Sims:
Looks like a good start. What are you mixing with? I have a K series for the youth very similar and put a Presonus 16 Ch. on the other end and used Aux to feed the subs. I figured the factory had worked out the crossovers and timing. I'm very happy with the results, and the youth love recording and post mixing. Getting ready to do another but I'm considering the Mackie HD and HDA speakers and 24 channels for a video venue church start up. 

What do you have on the stage? The two missing stage pieces behind the speakers is a little scary.

Kristian Stevenson:
Thanks Robert! I am using an older Mackie 32 channel analog, 4 subgroups, 6 aux sends. My goal when we get enough funds is to get the Presonus 24.4.2. How do you like your 16?? Currently, I am sending signal to the subs via a post fader aux send. There is a Mackie Mixer Amp on stage in the picture that I am using to power the wedges. I'm coming out of the FOH mixer with a pre fader aux send and going into one of the channels on the mixer amp. I don't have a spare amp for the wedges right now. And yes, we are hoping to get 2 more pieces of stage before the service begins next month ;)


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