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Tony "T" Tissot:
Interesting - Isn't that religion? :'(

Michael {Bink} Knowles:
For feeling godlike. >smite<


Bennett Prescott:
This could actually be fun... I wonder if there's a way to graph my "karma" so I can see big dips when I'm snarky? It would be nice to know when I've really hit a nerve ;)

Riley Casey:
Applaud & Smite ???  Geezuss

OK I suppose that answer the question of whether this is going to be a professional forum.  :-\

John Roberts {JR}:
repeating myself a little. If the karma vote was performed on a per post basis rather than accumulated to the poster (or in addition to), this could be used as a relatively painless metric to indicate the quality and direct the stickiness of individual posts.

Let the cream rise to the top, and let the chaff drift down into the bit bucket. A dynamic archive, that is self organizing.



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