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Forum update - 10/22 - FUD forums moving over


Mac Kerr:
On the evening of Sat 10/22, starting at about 11pm ET (NY, USA) we will be integrating the old FUD forms into these forums. This will eliminate the need to continue to maintain the separate system. The old post will be part of these forums, but in archive form, no new posts will be allowed to those old threads.

Hopefully you will all be working on Sat night, and this will cause no inconvenience. Otherwise we apologize in advance for the inconvenience, but the benefit will be real.



Ernie Black:
Forum upgrade to merge the classic FUD forums into the new SMF forums is completed. The archived forums now appear on the main page under the heading Archive, with a listing of "Child Forums" which are all the old forums in read-only mode. You can drill down either to the top level of the Archives, with all the child forums listed as on the main page, or you can drill down into any one of the child forums directly.

Ernie Black:
Update: With the merging of the old "FUD" forum boards and posts into the new forum under "SR and Church Sound Archives" (renamed for clarity), we have changed the jump to the OLD FORUMS to jump to the CLASSIC LAB Archives. So now there is a single click to delve into the repository of 1999-2003 LAB posts from the original LAB.


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