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Intalling some rigging


Clark Johnson:
So I have some Worx 15A and right now they are ground stacked in one venue.  In another venue, I have some 15Ai.  The 15A doesn't come with the fly points, just the handles.  If I were to have a professional fabricate the fly points and install them into the box, would that be safe?  Is the metal that they use for points special?  Thanks.

Chad Costanzo:
I would not do this, and your insurance company would likely agree.  If you want to fly a box, buy a box that was designed to fly and has all the documentation to go with it.   Saving a few bucks is not worth the risk of someone getting hurt

Brad Weber:
Have you asked Worx if it is practical to convert a 15A into a 15Ai?  If they could convert them or provide specific directions on how to do it then that would probably be much better than someone else developing their own modifications.  And if the manufacturer says that it isn't practical to do then that pretty much answers the question as well.


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