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70volt to Line Level

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Tim Harrigan:
Hello All,
I have a client in a large building with a 70 volt backround system in the lobby.  They want and need a foreground system.  I am replacing most of the speakers and adding subs. 
They also want new XLR inputs placed in the lobby.
The amp/control room is on the 4th floor with one speaker cable run from there to lobby, no way to route new cable.
I was thinking of putting in a processor to control new system and add inputs but we still need the original feed.
Anyone know of a good way to change a 70volt speaker line down to line level?
Tim Harrigan
Wirebox Media

Hal Bissinger/COMSYSTEC:
We had an in depth discussion about this on the old board, do a search. Several manufacturers make 70 volt to line level transformers. My question is what is carried on the old system on the 4th floor? If that is the music source I wouldn't want that to supply my new foreground system with subs via the speaker output of an amp. Paging or speech can be acceptable but not music. While there is nothing to stop you from using those transformers any way you want I have only seen them properly used to supply mall or store-wide paging to the individual store or department music systems. way to route new cable.

Can't tell you how many times I hear that. There is always a way. What kind of cable are we talking about? Even if it's not shielded as long as it's twisted you can drive it at line level. Another possibility is a separate music source.


Dave Barker:
Don't know if this is what you are looking for or will do the trick for you, it is unbalanced out but they do work well:

Alan Clayton:
I've used these with pretty good results. I like them because they are adjustable. I am using them almost exclusively for voice/paging. I'm not sure you would want to use them for anything but low level background music. I also like Edcor

Bradford "BJ" James:
Just out of curiosity, are speaker level to line level transformers available?


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