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Do you see anything funny?

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Jay Barracato:

--- Quote from: Steve Bunting on February 03, 2011, 09:05:20 AM ---What's the band manager hoping to do with his access to the system control?

--- End quote ---

Probably hope he doesn't need it, but he is also asking for three hours to test and tune the system, so his plan is probably to do a little more than play a couple of songs.

Dave Bigelow:
PM3000 and 4000 only have 8 VCAs...

Then again they want "VCA groups" so I guess we can add both together right?  ;)

Royce Covington:
they deserve to be getting the venice 320's foh&mon every time, just for putting them on the list.

Bennett Prescott:

--- Quote from: Dave Bigelow on February 03, 2011, 10:10:05 AM ---Then again they want "VCA groups" so I guess we can add both together right?
--- End quote ---
You mean like a group of VCAs, like a VCA master?

Dave Bigelow:
Sure why not?
I was just gonna add the groups to the VCAs so that the math was right and they got at least 10 on those consoles but we can do that too.  8)


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