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1/8" to XLR

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Fred Dorado:
why not just a stereo di, it would give you more options, you would only need to carry one, it would provide protection and the ability to use 1/8 or even rca connectors is nice, I think some even do 1/4 along with the others.

This is what we use, it's cheap, small and would protect equipment and you would need a specialty cable, allowing the xlrs used for this to be use somewhere else when not needed

Dan Richardson:
The re-grounding pin 1 issue is the kind of thing I was afraid I was missing.
My pack is frequently insanely tight for both size and weight.
A couple pounds and the size of most DIs is actually an issue.
I'd also rather not have a mediocre xformer inline where a straight wire could be,
and good xformers cost money.
That said, both the DIs presented were interesting options. Frank, that box of your is lovely. Have you got room in there for another xformer and another XLR?

Meantime, I'll scrounge up a couple of caps and give that a try.
Thanks, all.

Weogo Reed:
Hi Dan,

How about this? :

Stayin' warm up your way?!

Good health,  Weogo

Didn't check the weight, but if you can fit it the Radial JPC is a great DI that you can use for more than just iPod.

Daniel Cash:
Unless you are sending the signal a long distance, why hassle with balanced connectors with a risk of phantom power? Just use the 1/4" line inputs.   I use a cable like this for the job, and never had a problem.   Am i missing something obvious?


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