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Danley SM60F and TH-Mini

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Tim Padrick:

--- Quote from: Mike Hedden on September 21, 2011, 10:06:34 PM ---Hey Mike
Thats a good idea. We will see about adding that


Mike Hedden
Danley Sound Labs

--- End quote ---

I'd be wary of the 10mm stud being able to handle the stress, unless it's a Grade 8.

Craig Leerman:
I'll see if I can get a shot of the box showing its size.

Chuck Simon:
What is the price of the SM60F?

Ales Dravinec:

--- Quote from: Craig Leerman on September 21, 2011, 02:06:51 AM ---.... The coverage of two cabinets next to each other seems seamless, and they just sound like one wide single speaker....


... The SM60s sound fantastic ... 

--- End quote ---

Good writeup, Craig.
I especially agree on two points I quoted.
About the seamlessness : Ivan had them tight packed on approximate ear height and I walked the room, being extra careful listener in the 'transition' area. I can safely say, that I never heard that good transition before. I should probably say 'not heard' ... And trust me, I heard them ALL !!

And yes, SM60s DO sound fantastic. The actual setup was a box per side, reinforcing The Tyra Banks band, a simple (not marginal) jazz trio with a female singer. We had a chance to A/B two different PAs DURING the performance. After a couple of switchings it was apparent, that Danleys are neutral sounding premium loudspeakers.

I'll grab the opportunity and thank Ivan for making the demo possible. Yes, it was over a year ago (May 9th, 2010 ... somewhere near Boston), but I couldn't find an opportunity earlier, to tell things about SM60.

With utmost respect.

(I have no idea how to insert a photo in the post. Mac will yell at me since I'm sure it was explained a million times, I suppose)


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