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Audio noob needs help...........please!!!

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Thomas Lamb:

+1 for what don said. A sd card two track recorder is great. You can still use a program like audacity or sound forge to edit it. If you need to record a special event in a different room you can just set it on the podium and press go. I use mine to record I upload it to the computer edit it then upload to the web.

--- Quote from: Don Lanier on February 12, 2011, 11:24:20 PM ---For the Novice I dont recommend computer based systems, Unless your familiar with computers, Today you can buy Stand alone Digital recorders that are Push button RECORD, when your Done, Take the recorder and plug into your HOME computer and Burn the CD, Tascam makes several great models the DR-1 is the cheapest version for 2 track recording, Youll need some cables and Outputs from your console, AUX or MAIN, into the DR-1. It uses a SD card for a memory device, these can be up to 8 Gig, A 2 Gig SD Card will more then do the job and comes Included with the unit. Ive owned one of these for quite a while its been used for everything from LIVE CONCERTS, to Speakers, to Sermons and Event/Location recording. It has built in mics, But I prefer to use the LINE IN feature, Check them out on Tascams website,

Don Lanier

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