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Audio noob needs help...........please!!!

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Allan Hansen:

Hello to all on the forum, and thanks for any help given.

I have been asked by my Pastor to look into recording audio for our church. We have a decent mixing desk, (i will provide the name of it to you here as soon as possible) but it is a very basic set up.

We have a couple of medium sized speakers, a good mixing desk, good amp, but no recording equipment.

I need something that will connect to the mixer that is easy to understand and so that i can teach other people once i get the hang of it, thanks for any help as this is stressful enough for me, thanks.

Would there be anyway of connecting to a laptop and recording from it instead, as we do have a good laptop, and we also have Wavelab Studio 6 to!!??


John Fiorello:
Hi Allen!

Could you give us a bit more detail on what you're recording and what you're hoping to do with the recording?  How many inputs?  What's the output going to?

Also, what is your budget?  You could record for anywhere from 7 dollars to a few grand easily depending on the details.



George Dougherty:
The answer depends greatly on what you mean by the vague statement that you want to record audio for the church.  Do you want to record sermons for distribution on CD or Web?  Do you want to do just a simple output of the mixing board and record what goes to the PA?  Do you want to multi-track everything in the service and mix-down later to make some CD's?

Fred Dorado:
If you just want to record sermons, something like this might work

I am in the process of trying it, 30 day free trial so you can see if it does what you want.

Ultimately you need a computer, but just about anything laying around might work.

I like the simplicity of it and the features. it's nice to record a sermon, have it on your hard drive and the just click the burn cd button.

I am still in the trial period, but will probably end up buying it soon

Jim Neighbors:
audacity is a free recording program for your computer.  We use Sound Forge at our church (it is not free, I like to use it) and have recorded using two methods.

1, our board had a 2 track output,  we used this outpute and an RCA to mini plug to connect to the input on our computer.  This works fine, especially if your recording only the sermon.

2, used 2 aux sends and connected from them to computer input to record.  works fine for recording sermons and when I get the aux send balanced well, the music is pretty good also.

If you have some money to spend, there are many other methods that work much better than the ones above.  They are suggestions if you don't have  money or experienced people to do the recordings. 


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