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Digico SD7 Rates

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Owen Orzack:

--- Quote from: Steven Barnes on January 31, 2011, 10:43:54 PM ---Hey guys
I am looking to rent a couple SD7's for a show coming up in a couple weeks. Got a quote from the only company in LA that could source them for me and i'm looking around 5K per week per console with a 96ch config. Does this sound about right?

--- End quote ---

For the 96ch version, yes it does.

Adam Robinson:
and Owen knows... he's got a couple. 

(Maybe he'll switch the Profile we're about to take out of his shop for one haha)

Airton Pereira:

--- Quote from: Gareth Marsh on February 01, 2011, 02:22:21 AM ---
I believe U2 are out with SD7's at the moment. If you look on the digico website they have a gallery on there with quite a few name acts featured.



--- End quote ---

That´s true. They´re using 4 SD7 since 2005. Two on FOH and two on monitors, plus D-Show Profile, Venice...

David Sumrall:
We have 3 of these in our new building, FOH, Mons, and Bcast coming off of 3 racks.

Love them!

Each one is set up a little differently based on the area of use and the engineer that set it up.

I set my desk up for the live Bcast feed as 132 inputs, 32 control groups,  14 stereo groups, 24x32 matrix, 12 stereo auxes for fx, 12 mono auxes for feeds. I have some buffer set up in each area so I don't have to rebuild my config too often.

Love the flexibilty of the fader layout. I played with a couple layout variations when i first got it going but settled on...

Left side

Layer 1 band with banks by section drums, guitars, keys, perc etc
Layer 2 Matrixes and Aux returns
Layer 3 Control groups- makes assignment easier and faster with more viewable info, with some room to grow

Right side

Layer one- Vox, Speak, Audience mics, Playback, Verb returns
Layer 2- Groups with some room to grow
Layer 3- empty now

My top layer of control groups is...

1. Kik, Bass,
2. Drums
3. Guitars
4. Piano
5. Keys
6. Perc
7. Playback
8. Vox FX
10. Vox
11. Lav
12. MC Handheld

This set up makes it work pretty fast for what we do.

Love the ability to route anything to a matrix easily- input from preamp, direct out, aux, group, isolator etc.

The built in fx work great too. I'm doing a couple verbs/plates on vox, couple pitch fx on vox, couple delays on vox, some drum verbs and plate, band verb etc.

Love the aux to master feature! It brings the aux sends to the control group faders. I like doing fx in layers and this makes it real nice when using faders to dial in or out the verb fun.

It sounds great and the built in dynamic processing and eq works great. Love the dynamic eqs. Really love the multiband dynamics.

If you are familiar with the D5 then you should pick it up pretty fast.

I cant speak much on the rental side but if you can get one you will enjoy big time!

Good luck!



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