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Digico SD7 Rates

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Steven Barnes:
Hey guys
I am looking to rent a couple SD7's for a show coming up in a couple weeks. Got a quote from the only company in LA that could source them for me and i'm looking around 5K per week per console with a 96ch config. Does this sound about right?

On a second note anyone mixing on these consoles? How do you like them? I have mixed a couple shows on a D5 and never been a huge fan, just wondering how this console compares (I know it is a newer generation and has a lot more capability). Might be looking into this console for a tour I am working on that needs more that 24 mixes in monitor world.


Steven Barnes:
Also how compatible are the files between SD7, SD8, and SD9 consoles? Can I use a show file from one on another like with digidesign stuff, or is it like yamaha stuff where nothing is compatible (except with work around software).

Adam Robinson:
I don't have rates on me but they're not cheap consoles.  Expect it to be in line with the XL8 and Studer Vista 5SR. 

The mixing "thought process" on the SD consoles is quite similar to the D series consoles, except there's a decent amount of updating that's gone on.  The SD7 doesn't suck, but let's be honest, none of the consoles in this price bracket suck.  That being said, the SD7 is my first choice digital console followed by the Studer.

How many inputs do you really need?  Remember that at a lower price point, the SD8 will mix 60 mono or 60 stereo channels in any combination and aux sends can be 24 mono or stereo in any combination making it a possibly 120 in, 48 out console that sounds every bit as good as an SD7.  The SD9 is 40 mono or stereo inputs and 16 mono or stereo aux sends.  (Other considerations for high input/output count are the PM1D at 96x48 and Soundcraft Vi6 at 96x32)

Files do not transfer between the 7, 8, or 9, but there are a few workarounds.

Gareth Marsh:
I really like the SD7 - I had spent quite a bit of time on the D1/D5, and I found it quite a step up. I found it a bit quicker to get around and personally I was much happier with banks of 12 channels instead of 8.

You also get a bit more processing grunt on outputs so you don't have to mess with processing channels as much. The dynamic EQ is also a great little feature.

I believe U2 are out with SD7's at the moment. If you look on the digico website they have a gallery on there with quite a few name acts featured.



Seiyua Tang:
The SD7 is an absolute pleasure to mix on, i am very fortunate to have it as a house desk.  Aside from it being very easy for anybody to program, the operation is simply a joy.  Every guest engineer so far has had nothing but great things to say about it.  It is a very smooth sounding console with parametric EQ's that you don't have to make drastic cuts on to hear a difference.  We just did a show with 90 inputs + 24 outs and the thing didn't even break a sweat.  The surface looks as amazing as it sounds!  You are going to enjoy mixing on this Digico!

Seiyua Tang
Valley Performing Arts Center
Los Angeles, California


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