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Looking to buy PA system--need advice!

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Janitzio Guzman:

 I work for a small non-profit that conducts summer youth leadership conferences. Every year, we inevitably rent a PA system for all of our programs (15+/summer!). While in the short-run this has been a great strategy, it's starting to get really expensive to rent as we expand our work and I'm looking to invest in a couple of setups for our group.

 For our conferences, we need PA systems that are going to serve a couple of functions:

* Amplify speeches and addresses from our students in large rooms/university auditoriums (approx. 150'x50'
* Play music for student dances in large rooms (same dimensions as above)
We typically rent the following equipment:

* Speakers
* Mixers (8-12 channel, typically)
* Amps
* Microphones (wired and wireless)
* CD players
Being a non-profit that operates thanks to student tuition, we're looking for a long-lasting, economical option on all this equipment. Anyone have any recommendations on what equipment to look for? I'm trying to do some pricing for a report to our president tomorrow, so a prompt reply'd be really appreciated!

My experience with tech specs on this kind of equipment is approximately nil, so please go as easy as possible on technical detail!



James Babcock:

You will more than likely not get many realistic responses without any sort of budget range at all. Usually this forum is a wealth of information for those that are not shy to do a bit of legwork themselves. Have you done any research into systems and gotten a rough idea of what you need and what fits your organizations budget restrictions.

Best of luck,

Janitzio Guzman:

 Great point. I've been a little more focused on our computing needs than the PA systems until now, so I've had little opportunity to do so. While the budgeting segment was given to me as an "at your best discretion" consideration, I can tell you what we typically rent so you can get a feel for what each setup should look like. List is as follows:

* Yorkville YX-12 speakers (2x)
* Soundcraft MFXi 12 mixer (1x)
* Yorkville AP800 amp (1x)
* Shure SLX4 wireless handheld mics (2x)
* Shure SM58 wired handhelds (4x)
* Denon DN-S1200 CD player (1x)
* Associated cords/cables
The problem is my colleagues and I have approximately zero knowledge of anything sound (I'm personally a true newbie), so I don't know if that's all really necessary or efficient for our uses, or what something like that setup costs. Thanks again for the recommendation, though. I'm going to keep working on this to see if I can't provide a little better insight.

Update: I don't know if the above will fit within this constriction or not, but I'd estimate that I'm shooting for as close to at or under $3,000 per setup as possible.

Fernando Lopez:
Yorkville YX-12 speakers (2x)........................RCF art312a
Soundcraft MFXi 12 mixer (1x)....................... get the same mixer as you already know it
Yorkville AP800 amp (1x).............................. no need, the speakers are active
Shure SLX4 wireless handheld mics (2x).......... get the same mics and mic cables
Shure SM58 wired handhelds (4x).................. get the same mics and mic cables
Denon DN-S1200 CD player (1x)....................if you like it, get the same one again
Associated cords/cables..............................Since you will change from passive to active speakers use the same cables that go from your soundcraft mixer to your Yorkville amp (assuming they are XLRs) from your mixer to the speakers

You are going to have trouble getting all this stuff for under $3000!


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